Lloyds Bar in Concert Square is closed down by police after Bank Holiday violence

26/04/2011 16:37
Flickr (Rastrus): Concert square was plagued by fights over the holiday weekend    Fashionable bar Lloyds has been closed down by police...

Liverpool taken over by student protests after government cuts result in uncapped tuition fees

20/04/2011 15:40
  Flickr (Matt_Baldry): Students march after receiving news that there will be a rise in university fees   Huge student protests took...

University of Liverpool make bursary assurance for students facing huge students fees

20/04/2011 15:37
Promise: Students have been told that bursaries will be provided as fees rise   Students hoping to study at the University of Liverpool have...

'Top Five' places for students to go in Liverpool

18/04/2011 14:28
  Coming to live in a new city can be a scary experience, especially when moving to one as vast and as vibrant as Liverpool. Therefore, to...

Advice for students coming to Liverpool

18/04/2011 14:26
Studying in Liverpool can be a scary transition    Starting university in a new city can be terrifying, especially if that city is as...

Top tips for graduates seeking employment

18/04/2011 14:21
Flickr (Saralparker): Times are hard for graduates looking for work   It is that time of year once again! Lectures are coming to an end, exams...

Liverpool John Moores University to charge the maximum £9,000 in tuition fees

18/04/2011 14:19
Flickr (thespyglass): Rise in fees may result in similar protests seen earlier this year    Liverpool John Moores University has...

Lecturers of Liverpool Hope University to go on strike over job loss dispute

18/04/2011 13:55
Flickr (uniinnsbruck): Lecturers believe that jobs do not need to be cut    Lecturers at Liverpool Hope University are expected...

Liverpool John Moores University set to sell historic IM Marsh campus

18/04/2011 13:52
Flickr (ecololo): Students will be moved from Aigburth to the city centre    Iconic sports campus IM Marsh is set to be sold off by...

Liverpool John Moores University Journalism World Cup Review

15/03/2011 15:03
Victory: Second years celebrate their cup win   Goals in either half by Adam Smith and Rob Harper were enough to secure a 2-0 victory for Level...


Do you think that Liverpool Universities should be charging the maximum in tuition fees?

Yes all of them should (35)

No none of them should (4)

Only University of Liverpool (0)

Only Liverpool John Moores University (0)

Only Liverpool Hope University (1)

Total votes: 40