Lloyds Bar in Concert Square is closed down by police after Bank Holiday violence

26/04/2011 16:37

Flickr (Rastrus): Concert square was plagued by fights over the holiday weekend 


Fashionable bar Lloyds has been closed down by police after fights broke out over the Easter bank holiday weekend. 

This news will not be welcomed by students with whom the bar is a popular venue for those who enjoy food and alcohol. 

CCTV footage is being checked and the incident is being analysed to establish what happened and who is to blame. 

The carnage took place on Saturday when police were forced to place a closure order on the bar after several people were found hurt.

Three men were found injured close to Lloyds with one man being taken to hospital for medical attention after being discovered by

police at around 11pm. 

Thomas Fagan, 20, who works as a promoter at Concert Square, said: “I did not see the incident; however it does not surprise me. People tend to get a bit rowdy especially on bank holidays or at weekends. 

“Unfortunately, fighting is part and parcel of drinking for a number of reasons. Whether Lloyds Bar is to blame for the fighting, I am not sure but it was their job to help people who needed medical attention.” 

“It is a real shame for those of us who enjoy going out and socialising without drinking heavily or getting into fights because it is us who pay the price.” 

No one from Lloyds Bar was willing to comment on the incident.