'Top Five' places for students to go in Liverpool

18/04/2011 14:28


Coming to live in a new city can be a scary experience, especially when moving to one as vast and as vibrant as Liverpool.

Therefore, to assist new students who are re-locating to Liverpool, we at ‘The Liverpool Student’ have compiled a list of the ‘top five places to go’.

It is important to remember that not all students like the same things. Whereas one student may enjoy a night out on the town, another may relish a light salad or a quiet coffee.

As a result, we have tried to compile a list of venues that caters to everyone’s appetite: 



 Medication – A slightly obvious choice but Medication really is the ultimate University night out. Every Wednesday there is only one place to go for students who want to sample what Liverpool’s night life has to offer. With several large rooms and the best DJ’s from around the city, it is surely not to be missed and can also be a great place to meet new friends. If you seriously want to immerse yourself into the student lifestyle and ‘clubbing’ is your thing, get down to Medication and you will not be disappointed.



Leaf – Unlike others in this list, Leaf is far more subdued selection. As a ‘tea shop and bar’, Leaf will most probably appeal to the more sophisticated and cultured students among us. With a great selection of soups, salads and sandwiches, Leaf is well worth a visit at lunch time and is also cheap in comparison to other similar spots around the city. In addition, there is also a selection of hot drinks if you fancy an afternoon pot of tea.



Cava– Another option for those students who enjoy a late night. Cava is a bar located in Concert Square and is often the place for the hard-core party animals after every other club has shut. Slightly less fancy than most other bars in Liverpool, Cava still caters for most students and as a result one of the most popular bars in the city. It is famed most notably for its wide range of tequila (it is after all a tequila bar). With a plethora of different flavours ranging from anything from chocolate to chilli, Cava really is the place to be.    




Eat – Eat is an American style diner located on Bold Street and a great place for hungry students to gorge in between lectures or even as a place to go for recovering from a hangover. Offers a great alternative to the usual sausage roll or Marks & Spencer’s sandwich and so proves very popular.



Palm Sugar – Another choice for the chic students coming to Liverpool. Located at the classy Liverpool One alongside many other suave restaurants and bars, Palm Sugar is the place to be for a classy cocktail or a slap up meal. In addition, if you are looking to impress a date then look no further. With live acts most nights this venue caters to all people but be aware it can be slightly ‘pricey’.