University of Liverpool make bursary assurance for students facing huge students fees

20/04/2011 15:37

Promise: Students have been told that bursaries will be provided as fees rise


Students hoping to study at the University of Liverpool have been dealt a huge boost with news of an improved bursary.

After it was reported that tuition fee costs would be rising to £9,000 at both Liverpool John Moores University and University of Liverpool, reports of a £2,000 bursary will come as welcomed by prospective students of Liverpool.

Although students would admittedly prefer to pay less in fees and receive a smaller bursary, it goes without question that a larger bursary will help students who would otherwise be struggling to get by and 30% of students enrolling next year will be eligible for the full bursary.

Kristian Musty, 23, who is a final year Engineering student said: “This is the least that the University could do. Thankfully my overall debt will only be a fraction of what future students will have to pay so a larger bursary is the minimum the university can do.”

In addition to Liverpool University, LJMU have also pledged to provide financial packages to assist state educated students economically and also to attract students to Liverpool.

College student Imogen Park, 17, has applied to study at Liverpool University said: “Unfortunately all universities are charging students more to study. If you want the best teaching and the best university experience then you have to expect to pay more money.

“I do think that far less students will be going to university because it has been so expensive but if more substantial bursaries are being offered then that can only help.”

Vice Chancellor Sir Howard Newby however still remains optimistic in relation to the quality of teaching regardless of the sudden rise in fees.

He said: “We remain committed to ensuring all students have access to a world-class education at Liverpool regardless of background or ability to pay.”